M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher

I really like the way Escher uses pattern and colour in his work to create Tess elating images that are really intriguing. His work has a sort of optical illusion sense about them as one shape fits into another or turns into something else; on a first glance it is hard to see exactly what is happening in the work, and I think this confusion makes his work that much more interesting. Although I think the way he uses colour is really effective as it highlights each individual shape, I also really like his use of black and white in his work. I think this allows the pattern and shape to really be at the forefront of the work and stand alone. I think I want to try and work more in black and white in my practice, really focusing on creating specific patterns rather than the abstract, vague shapes I have been working with so far.



Sources : https://www.mcescher.com

KS3 Art Lessons: Pattern Design

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